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Classified ads in the Marketplace are free and will run for two months or until you request removal, whichever comes first. Please help me keep the ads up to date by marking your calendar to renew your ad if desired.  Ads must be related to small dairies and only occasional ads are accepted for the classified section.  (There will soon be opportunities for ongoing business ads - watch this space!) To request placement of an ad, complete this form with your ad and contact information, including your location. Please be considerate of my time -- do your own spell-checking, and use proper capitalization and punctuation for best results.
Cheesemaking Equipment and Supplies Cheese press from New England Cheesemaking will make a 2-4 pound cheese. Includes stainless mold, followers, drip tray, and separator. Has pressure regulated using stainless gauge up to 80 pounds. Asking $100. Pyramid molds, 3.5 inches wide at top, 3.25" height. Purchased 16 molds from New England Cheesemaking and never used. Also, included is a 10oz bottle of food grade Ash for surface treatment of soft cheeses. All for the low price of $50. Butter muslin, in 2 square yard packages. Packages in sealed original plastic bags were purchased from New England Cheesemaking. There are 10 packages for $2 each. Buy all 10 for $15. Located in Lebanon, CT.  (1-16) Call Marie at 860-942-3727 Micro creamery equipment for sale Micro dairy design 7 gal - 35 gal vat pasteurizer/bulk tank/cheese vat.  Does it all.  Drain table, tipping table with make boxes and custom curd knives.  Used for 5 years and we are ready to expand. All you need is milk.  $14,000 for it all.  (Atlanta GA)  11-15 Contact CalyRoad Creamery for more information Cup Filling/Sealing Machine Used yogurt cup filling and sealing machine in the Netherlands - 6000 cups/hour.  Can ship worldwide.  Visit web page here E-mail Johan Small Dairy Production Processing Equipment Vat pasteurizer, 80 gallon (300 liter) capacity, all-electric, with digital Andersen chart recorder. Cheese press, two stamp. Stainless draining table. Refrigeration/cooling equipment. Milk tank, 200 gallons capacity. Portable bucket milking system, compressor, 65 lb bucket capacity. Stanchions for goats, 8-12 head capacity. Much, much more. Package deal available.  (Argyle, NY)  11-15 E-mail Jeffrey or call 5189326575 Yogurt Machine for Sale Good condition, purchased new in 2012 for $18,450. Model PTHS-1. Best reasonable offer. Please contact us for pictures or to set up an appointment to view.  Web site.  (Ipswich, MA)  11-15 e-mail or call Appleton Farms at 978-356-5728, ext 4110 Complete micro creamery for Sale 500 gal vat pasteurizer, Federal 9 valve filler, Deleval seperator, Gaulin homogenizer, Plate cooler, ice builders, tanks, pumps, pipeline.   (Tecumseh, KS)  11-15 Call 7852240195 or 785-220-9693 or email for more information Creamery Equipment for Sale 45 gallon Micro Dairy Designs vat pasteurizer with chart recorder, pump and bottler that includes a carrier for both gallon and 1/2 gallon jugs.  Also included is a 60 gallon Milk Plan milk cooling tank (new in 2015).  This equipment sells new for over $21,000 and is in great working condition.  We are putting in a larger set-up so this one is priced to sell at just $14,000.  Have manuals for all equipment.  (Tahlequah, OK)  11-15 e-mail Marty for more information
Bottling Machine and Capper Wanted I am looking for a bottling machine and capper for plastic jugs(gallon & quart).It must be able to pass USDA certification. We will be using it for a small 150 goat operation.  (Clayton ,OK)  11-15 Contact Karen by e-mail or call 9185697885
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Starter herds available!  5 yearlings for $1000.  Polled.  Proven bloodlines (Saanen).  Mom's produce over 1.5 gallons per day.  More information here.   (Chester SC)  11-15 E-mail Dave