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dairy animals only DAIRY ANIMALS FOR SALE
50 Alpine kids for sale Large healthy Males and Females. Great genetics including Willow Run Armand Rishona: 4x National Champion, Roeburn's Brutus Eliana: 4x Top Ten Milker, and Three-Rings M Bijou: 4x Production Award winner. Kids are dam raised 3-5 days, then bottle fed.  From tested CAE, CL, and Johnes negative herd. $200 each. $20 for registration papers. Quantity discount. Or reserve now, pick up does bred in fall $400. (Gettysburg, PA)  4-14 e-mail or call 717-334-3263 Dairy Goats for Sale Restered (sic) nubians/Sannens (sic) and crosses available for spring 2014.  (Burkeville, VA)  3-14 e-mail or call 804-922-3342
Grade A goat dairy in washington state We have 20 milkers and all the equipment including a 100 gallon bulk tank,bottler,capper,and refigerated delivery box. Also all the milking stuff.  4-14 call 360-949-5008 or e-mail Equipment Auction on e-Bay 50 Gallon Vat Pasteurizer mini-dairy set-up.  This auction includes nearly everything you will require to process and pasteurize raw milk within the PMO Standards and for Interstate Milk Shipper licensing.   Last used in process October 2013.  This kit originally came from a Pladot mini-dairy system that was assembled in Israel, and we are selling the following: 150 Gallon Stainless Steel Vat Pasteurizer with Agitator, manufactured 2002.     That vat has two stainless lids that can be completely removed for cleaning.     The vat is jacketed for both hot and cold water.     The vat has a special bridge on top which is used for heating of the airspace during small batches or low temp pasteurization.     Has an thermometer ports for airspace, indicator, chart recorder and temperature control. Measuring Stick for Vat     Listed in pounds Leak Detect Valve for Vat     Last in use September 2013     Passed PMO inspections Indicating Thermometer, and two temperature probes     Indicating thermometer mercury based, no longer in production but still legal to use.  Very accurate.     An Anderson CT-3 RTD for a chart recorder     A secondary RTD for heat control Positive Displacement Pump     Small impeller driven positive pump is mounted on the foot of the vat.     Because it generates suction, there is very little waste at the bottom of a vat during processing and pack-out. Control Panel     VFD to control the Positive pump     Contactors for various pumps like water, milk, and boiler     Temperature readouts for hot water and milk temperature Pavo, GA  Listed on e-Bay but auction ended due to errror.  Not sure what status is currently.   (3-14) contact Kyle Wehner by e-mail or call 229.221.5335 Bulk tank Mueller 600 gal flat top bulk tank for sale with compressor. Totally rebuilt/restored in 2013.  as good as you will find. Located in western Maryland.  3-14 e-mail or call 301-697-1328 Ice cream machine Commercial 2 quart Emery Thompson ice cream machine.  Over $3,000 new...hardly used, like new.  $1,000.  (Honey Grove, PA) 2-14 e-mail or call 717.734.1072 Vacuum packer and other items Sipromac model 350 vacuum packer made in 1992.  Excellent working condition.  MC-30 computer control (micro-processor card) that was rebuilt about two years ago.  Strong vacuum pump.  Used to vacuum pack cheese.  Unit has an 18x18x5 inch chamber with a double seal bar.  $2,000 or best offer.  Cash at pick up.  Unit weighs 242 lbs and would have to be truck shipped.  Stand included.  Buyer to arrange and pay for shipping.  Two drain sinks with two cheese drain racks.  2 gallon bucket of unopened cream wax (weight 11 lbs).  Cost new for wax is $25.00. $400 for sinks, drain racks and cream wax. Located in Willis, VA.  Updated 2-14 Call 540-789-2174 or e-mail Randy
Cheese Vat Wanted Looking to purchase 1000 - 1200 liter combination vat pasteurizer/cheese vat.  (WA)  4-14 contact Steve by e-mail Dairy Equipment Wanted Looking for Grade A dairy equipment for goats.  Including pipe-line system, cheese making, and barn items (fence line feeders, etc).  We are located in Idaho.  4-14 e-mail or call 208-869-5627 Equipment Wanted Exp. cheese maker (23 years in Italy) moving to NY state.  Am looking for all new/used equipment for my dairy barn and cheese kitchen.  Vats, pasteurizers, molds, draining tables, milk tanks etc.  Can travel as far as midwest, upper NE.  I will be milking a herd of up to 100 dairy goats. Please contact me if you have equipment for sale.  3-14 Contact Brent by e-mail or call 517-607-6254
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For rent/lease Licensed farmstead cheese making facility in piedmont North Carolina.  Will supply milk from small herd of Jersey cows.  1-14 e-mail Jeff
Idaho Creamery for Sale Turn-key, artisan creamery in the picturesque Northern Rockies for lease or sale.  Creamery has been producing a variety of fresh and aged, cow’s milk cheeses and ice cream for the local and regional (Pacific Northwest) market for nearly four years.   In addition to servicing 20+ wholesale (including 2 distributors) accounts including a variety of 5-star hotels, guest ranches, and premium grocers, the creamery operates a retail storefront in the summer and during the peak winter/ski season and holidays, and participates in several local farmers markets.   Facilities include fully-renovated production facility and a state-of-the-art aging room.  The creamery also has substantial walk-in refrigeration and a large, walk-in deep freezer.  We currently have 2 vat pasteurizers (170 gallon and 50 gallon) and a 6-piston press, all manufactured in Holland.   This is a terrific opportunity to acquire a creamery with existing high-quality products, a steady and loyal customer base, and a recognized brand.  There is ample potential to expand product distribution throughout the Rockies, Pacific Northwest and Northern California as well as within the existing “hyper local” market.  Lessee or buyer would have access to all formulations and other intellectual property, subject to negotiation.  3-14 E-mail, serious inquiries only Goat dairy and cheesemaking operation for sale  Includes 50+ head of goats, all equipment, and home.  Property is 21.88 acres with three large fenced areas.  Current owners will connect new owners with customers and provide all customer lists.  $209,000 with all equipment, goats, etc.   $179,000 for just the property, home and barn. (South Carolina)  2-14  E-mail
We are a family of three wanting to move from the Midwest. Our ideal situation would be an already established organic farm in a warmer climate. We are college educated, been gardening all our lives, and ready to make the move to a longer growing season. We are open to do a direct purchase, crop share, co-own and operate etc. We are energetic, highly motivated self-starters with extensive know-how and experience with organic/biodynamic/sustainable/permaculture techniques, growing and marketing, cheese making dairy/meat goats, sheep, equine, and poultry and basic maintenance to manage a farm.  Please feel free to contact us with any possible matches in any part of the world and for more detailed information, resume, and interview.  We are seeking assistance through farmlinking programs in California, Oregon, Washington, and Virginia. 2-14   E-mail or call 913-660-6282
Nubians Wanted Looking to buy registered Nubian doelings born winter/spring 2014.  We live in southwest Virginia but willing to travel a fair distance for purchase.  2-14 e-mail or call 276-686-4529